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Baby Birds

I got to go and kick it in out-of-town. Taking walks to open bay areas, is that what they’re called, is pretty magical. Sometimes I get to see things like this whilst getting lost in my thoughts and the crisp air of the morning. Or by streams that just wildly exist.

Part of the whole experience is letting myself get lost in things other than school and my job. Like holding little baby birds.

It’s a pretty amazing to be able to hold a little life, I suppose, in your hands. Very cute they are. It’s amazing the times in all of our lives when it’s so easy to just sit back and be caught up in the moment that presents itself.

Maybe it’s telling your friends that they need to stop drinking scotch on the rocks on a Thursday night whilst sitting my the fire talking about life..and how dirty their house is..or maybe just enjoying their buzz while drinking tea.

Maybe it’s wishing you were on a sailboat cruising the open waters.

Whatever it may be…get lost in it.



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