I was driving around Perth today, ‘the big smoke’, to pick-up the food processor that my students burnt last semester. No literally, they burnt the inside spindal thingy…I have no idea what it’s actually called. It just does magic. I cried when I got that food processor, that’s not even a joke.

I realized as I was driving through the big smoke, Perth, that I’m just not a city girl. I’m just not someone who likes to be jammed in with other people who are seemingly going through their days…attempting to carve out what life means for them on concrete and billboards.

….I like wide open space
….which is interesting, because for so long I’ve been a closed-off person

I was speaking with one of my girlfriends last night. “All men just want sex Michelle, and I’m not even going to go there with him. That’s all he wants, and I’m not doing that anymore.”

….do they?

“Well, maybe you’re just saying that all men just want sex, because you aren’t actually looking at the true reality of the situation, which is that you like him. Instead of letting him in, taking a risk, you just paint him with the same brush and push him away.”

….men do want sex, but there are men who want more as well.
….there are women who say they want more, but don’t know how to let themselves get ‘that thing’ they want

It makes me think a lot about myself. I was talking to the boy on the phone tonight, as I was painting my nails for the third time this week (my nails are hopeless as holding polish) and I said to him “I have changed a lot in the past six months, I’m opening up.”

….maybe it’s about making peace?

Being open isn’t easy. Being open means that more arrows can come your way. Being open and at peace, not complacent, means that you have to be in the now more. It demands the realisation that you love where you were, for as much as it’s worth.

….I say bring on the arrows…cause my arms are wide-open



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