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Don’t Blame Sugar..Its Not Its Fault

I don’t want to write my paper.
I don’t want to spend the weekend away from my man.
I don’t want to deal with impeding assignments.
I don’t want to go to prac next week.
I really don’t want to bake the 6 batches of sugar cookies, 4 boxes of cupcakes and 4 batches of kettle corn.

I want space, breathing room, solace, peace…me time.

So then why do I always find myself spooning shit into my mouth when I ‘don’t’ want to do something? Sugary something. I stood there, stopped, and threw it all in the garbage, water down the pots and removed myself from a situation that oftentimes sucks me in.

…..when I PROMISE to give up sugar…JUST ONE MORE BITE! get me?

I have been trying to give up sugar..forever. I gave it up once for a month. I lost weight and felt amazing. I did. Not gonna lie about it.

As I was spooning the ‘last bite of sugar’ into my mouth I thought: “I don’t want sugar, I want this (insert binge material) to sugar up my life”

….it’s not sugar’s fault.
….don’t have the player, hate the game

The game, the game that I think A LOT of us play with ourselves is trying to blame food, diet, scales with the real fact that we are looking for one or all of the above to make our lives more of what we want. When in fact, it’s just recognising where we are right now and not coping with food, sugar, dieting, scales, weight, pants sizes, miles ran to ‘sugar up our lives’.

don’t hate the player, hate the game.



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