losing weight doesn’t mean losing self-love

I’ve lost a hundred+ pounds over my life-time. I’m at the weight I’m at right now and it’s a miracle that I’m not where I used to be. Actually, it’s a conscious decision on my part to maintain a certain level of fitness, eating routine and attention to the lbs on or off.
I’ve had blogs all over the place. I used to have a popular blog, but I got stuck. I was on my soapbox about how you should love your body. How you shouldn’t diet. In fact, I would still kiss the toes of Geneen Roth, the intuitive eating/de-emotional eating guru.

….but the point is that I’d like to lose weight.

I have thought, for so long that losing weight AND loving yourself weren’t possible.

If you were losing weight, then you weren’t showing yourself self-love.
If you were showing yourself self-love, then you shouldn’t be dieting.

I read this post by Mara@MedicinalMarzipan


I’ve noticed that many people like to talk about their body in one of two ways: as something they are battling against in an effort to appeal to whittle it down to something smaller or as something that they love so unconditionally, they are uninterested in any weight loss talk – thank you very much.

I’m exhausted and I think a lot of that exhaustion is due to the fact that I haven’t been able to find that space in my life and/or the blogging world and/or the world around me where people are losing weight with a smile on their face. (there are a few)

….I want to lose weight, re-shape my ideas around fitness, and balance my relationship with food NOT because I NEED to love myself and/or NEED to lose weight. More from the standpoint that I DO love who I am becoming and part of that is GETTING FIT.

For so long they were and oftentimes are mutually exclusive. When you’re in the dieting mindset you want THIN..at any cost. When you’re in the self-love mindset you want unconditional self LOVE.

….why do they have to be mutually exclusive?

For almost three years I have been ‘recovering’ from intense dieting. Where self-love was sucked out of me like a vacuum. I have repaired aspects of myself…but I have to admit, I like my body a bit trimmer. I like the way my clothes fit, how my curves look in a tight black dress.

….the point being I have now come to realise that they aren’t mutually exclusive. You shouldn’t be beating yourself up over points and you shouldn’t be trying to convince yourself of self-love if you’d like to change a bit.

losing weight doesn’t mean losing self-love.



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