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the bowl that broke the camel’s back (mango salsa)

the thing about being in a relationship, is that you have to learn how each other works.

I wake up early // He sleeps in
I like refried beans // He won’t touch them
I’d eat a mushroom burger // He’d run for the hills
I can’t cook mussels // He won me over with his chili mussels
I would rather not watch cricket on a Saturday morning // He would

The point being, that it’s all about compromise and exposure to different ways of eating, thinking, organising and living..right? Well, in an attempt to make sure that I blended what he loved and what I love..I decided to make a little something to go with a chicken dish that I whipped up using the five summer squashes that we have lying around the kitchen.

(recipe later)

Mango Guaco-Tango
Serves 4


Steps (I’m a visual creature, most people are..I’ll blame it on Nintendo)

(I had mashed the avo-cha-dough and added a good whack of salt)

(mince the chili. if you’re not a huge chili fan then don’t add any..I love that hot that stings your nose, it reminds me that I’m alive)

(have you ever seen someone try to cut and skore a mango that has NO idea how to. It’s a painful life experience. if you have NO idea what to do, there is a tutorial. it will serve you well in life, I promise.


Then I thought..oh wouldn’t it be SO cute to put the salsa into a small bowl so that it looks nice in a photo and that I could greet my over-worked boy with a little snack before dinner was ready.

“Michelle, why is there this small bowl?” as the boy was begrudgingly washing dishes
“Cause I needed to take a cute photo for the blog!” duh?!?!?! doesn’t he know about these things?
“So you dirtied a dish to take a photo for a blog?”

He laughed and I knew that from now on I have to teach him that blogging requires dishes and I am going to have to make up some better excuses to justify using every dish in the house.

I think little dishes are needed for blogs // He doesn’t



3 thoughts on “the bowl that broke the camel’s back (mango salsa)

  1. I love little dishes, and dirty them all the time…and I don’t even photograph them for a blog! I like pretty food // James likes to inhale it. He doesn’t even notice how pretty it is 🙂

    • I feel like I have a ‘partner in crime’…thank goodness 😉 I know, andrew I think says he enjoys it, but I wonder if it just gets inhaled. I think it’s a male thing..maybe?

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