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A Cat Delivered Care Package

My sister is obsessed with cats. It’s so true and she has this Persian cat “pippin” or “pipstick” or “mr. pippin” that has a smashed in nose and snot. But you know what, he’s an amazing cat.

She said that she was sending me a Christmas package for me and the boy.

(it’s a fake tree, ok? they don’t have real ones in Australia, it’s too hot and they’re too expensive)

I requested some Celestial Season tea and stockings…you must have stockings. This is the package I got!

There was an ongoing joke between the boy and I about how he thinks that Christmas in America is like from the movie ‘Home Alone’…

I opened the box and not only did I have tea but I got a whole bunch of baking chips: mint, yummy christmas meltaway kind, butterscotch and white chocolate chip., they taste like America!

There are just some things that taste like home. Those ‘smooth melty’ things remind me of buying the larger versions in bulk and eating them until I was sick. You know the pastel coloured kind? You know that I’m taking about!

The butterscotch chips remind me of a summer living in a trailer and baking batches and batches of Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies. Another slice of America to Australia!

Then I saw the stockings. How cute are they? Even little glittery things to designate which is which. My sister is fabulous.

The boy even got cards from my lucky is that.

Then I saw these.

…and I lost it.

There are angel ornaments from my Grandma.
Off her tree.
One for me and one for the boy.

It is ALWAYS the generous, heart-felt, meaningful presents¬†that are given to you during the holidays that get you right where it means the most. I know that living in Australia is a HUGE sacrifice and as my grandparents age I wonder if sometimes the sacrifice I’m making is too big. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find the perfect balance of living in Australia and having my whole family back in the states, but I know one thing…love transcends.

So, now I have a bit of my family with me…and it feels really nice.



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