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Pre-Xmas Party Jitters (mintywhitechipsuga’cookies)

My sister sent me these amazing mint meltaway chips the other day as a care package. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been sneaking a couple here and there throughout the week. They are just too good.

I’m a little nervous about this Christmas. It’s going to be me and the boy..his family…his friends. It’s weird, because I feel like I’m in uncharted territory, but I know that I’ll be ok. I am still working out his kitchen, it’s an Australian Christmas (think HOT…ie cold meat and salads), and I’m not totally in charge of everything.

When I have been thumbing through recipes, everything looks weird. It looks like summer food..well it is summer. But Christmas for me is in WINTER!!!! Anyways, I thought that I’d work with what I have and whip some dessert ideas up. I love sugar cookies. I hate rolling out sugar cookies. So I modified this recipe “The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

Minty WhiteChip Suga’ Cookies
about 24 cookies


.75 c. butter
1 c. white sugar
2 eggs
1.5 tsp vanilla
1 tsp. baking powder
2 c. all-purpose/self-rising flour
1/2 tsp. salt
.5 c. minty meltaways or any minty flavoured chip
.5 c. white chocolate chips

add butter and sugar // beat
add eggs // beat
add in vanilla // beat
add in baking powder, flour, salt // stir in
add chips // stir

put into a bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour

preheat oven 305/180. place spoonfuls of batter onto greased or lined cookie sheet. bake about 12-15 minutes or until slightly golden brown. place on cooling rack and enjoy!

They are just simple, easy, and very holiday like.

I’m excited to bring this to the party this Christmas, I promise I won’t be nervous. πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Pre-Xmas Party Jitters (mintywhitechipsuga’cookies)

  1. James likes winter foods during Christmas, even in the heat. I’ve taken informal polls, and it seems about 50/50 with people here who eat traditional English Christmas dinners and those who eat traditional Aussie Christmas dinners on the day. Obviously James’ family is the former πŸ˜‰ I personally don’t like it!! Give me salad!!

    • Yeah, I get what james is saying. But I really can’t fathom anything hot. Well, if the weather stays how it is, then it would be ok. However, if it climbs up into the 40s/100s then I’d melt. It is weird though to see heaps of salads in the magazines for ‘Christmas Tea’. lol. I’m getting used to the word ‘tea’. It’s so weird to me.

      • James asks what we’re having for tea every night, so I’m used to it. But I remember the first time someone asked me what I was making for tea. I had lived here for like 3 weeks and I was like, “I’m not making tea. I’m making curry.” He was a Kiwi, too, so I had to ask him to repeat himself like 5 times because his accent was so strong! Oh, it’s the little things…

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