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Stop The Blame Game; You Can’t Blame It (all) On Genetics

Disclaimer: a nurse I KNOW that there are conditions and medications that do make you gain weight and for those of you who fall into this category, please take what I say with a grain of salt. If you’re not..then join me in this post!


I remember when I was growing up on the farm, the we used to have a Five Wheeler that we’d zip around the farm in. My cousin and I loved it. They where fabulous little things. I can remember just driving for hours and hours.

One day the five wheeler came back with a scrapped up side. Forever, we denied running into the tree in my grandma’s front yard. I’m not even joking, I think to this day my cousin would still not admit to doing it. Why not blame the tree?

I would NEVER do something and not take credit for it…


Throughout my childhood I endured divorces, re-marriages, feisty over-committed women, love, caring, yo-yo dieting, diets, weight loss/gain, over/under exercising and a lot of crazy overcommitment on my part.

I have to admit that oftentimes throughout my weight/binging/life woes, I would  point the finger at something/someone else who was to ‘blame’ for my inability to ‘get where I wanted to be’

  • past-relationships
  • weight watchers
  • intuitive eating
  • friends who are fitness buffs
  • uni
  • work
  • lack of sleep
  • too much to do
  • examples in my life of yo-yo dieting
  • divorces
  • re-marriages
  • divorces
  • society
  • models
  • no money


Miz posted on her facebook wall today:

Just read a Dr Oz quote where he said overweight people blame genetics, but overweight people have overweight children *and* pets so it’s not genetics.
Agree? Disagree?

I disagree. Although as a nurse I KNOW that there are conditions and medications that do make you gain weight…I think to blame the wide-sweeping obesity epidemic on genetics is silly.

It’s food, it’s society, it’s pressures, it’s lifestyle…a lot of it we can control.

I don’t want to sit here and say that the things, issues, experiences, life upheavals that I’ve endured and you’ve endured are trivial and not fair to use as blame for a state of health or well-being that you’re not currently happy with.


You can’t continue to blame everything if you want to change. For so long, I’ve blamed my ex- for my inability to let food go, for my binging, for my f-ed up relationship with food, for my inability to stick with any sort of fitness regime. I’ve blamed uni for taking up too much of my time and for rendering me exhausted.

I haven’t blamed myself for holding onto excuses.

I think it’s a dear process. You have to face the shit of your past, you have to work through the emotions, you have to get tough and not afraid of habits/thoughts/feelings/reactions…and then you’ve got to stop blaming everything outside of yourself for the wrong doings that you maybe doing to yourself.

The tree didn’t hit the five wheeler..we hit the tree.

My parent’s divorces, my ex-boyfriend, my uni degrees, my willingness to sign up for too many things didn’t make me fat…I used them as tools of blame to excuse not treating myself well, being healthy and being where I want to be in life.

I’m stopping blaming, because my issues with food are things I can control.



2 thoughts on “Stop The Blame Game; You Can’t Blame It (all) On Genetics

  1. Something that really resonated with me the other day was in the new Australian dietary recommendations. In the full report, they note that obesity has a complex range of causes. They also note that genetics are blamed quite often for the obesity epidemic, but our genetics have not changed since it started. We’re working off the same genetic pool. So obvious, but for some reason I had never thought of it that way before.

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