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who are you doing it for?

There has to come a point in our lives, when we stop the insanity of doing things for other people.

Oftentimes I would try to coax myself into blogging, losing weight, organising parties, etc. for other people. Although I’ve done all of the above successfully, you end up exhausted and unsatisfied. My binging started because I lost weight for another person and although I was thin..I was miserable. The miserable feeling has taken over three years of my life..until it hit me yesterday that I have some freaking choice about how I travel through life.

I suppose you can enter into 2012 with heaps of goals: lose weight, organise junk room, save money, make babies, find a partner.

What I would ask of you..and I’m asking myself is: is it really what you want to do and will it make YOU happy inside?

I haven’t ever really thought about how my choices in life would directly impact my own personal happiness. I’ve ALWAYS thought about how my choices in life would directly impact the happiness of other people around me.

What surprised me was when I had moved down to live with the boy, we had organised the house, painted walls, moved carpet, and cleaned everything…I felt that I had done as much as I could to make our lives happy and to make him happy. I felt it was part of my duty.

Then I asked him after my funk yesterday over a sink-full of dishes “what did you hope for with me moving down here?”

….he said “that you’d be happy!”

not that the house would be spotless, or the dishes would be washed, or the weeds pulled, or the sheets washed.

….he said “that you’d be happy!”

So whatever you decide to what on your list this year for 2012 ask yourself..truthfully…if you’re doing it for yourself or for others.



4 thoughts on “who are you doing it for?

    • Yeah, he’s pretty special. feels like I’m myself here which is the most important thing. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. After just reading this post and your post from today, I’ve decided you should watch the film “Beginners”. You’ll probably cry, especially when Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent’s characters move in together, but I think you’d like it!

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