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are you a GRUDGE holder?

The interesting thing about being in a relationship, is realising that you have a choice…….to love, respect, hate, push away or hold a grudge against the person that you say you love.

I have known some people who are impressive grudge holders. You know the kind that make a person’s life miserable for more than 10 minutes, we’re talking days. DAYS! I find the energy that is needed to maintain that sort of commitment to insuring that someone knows you’re pissed off at them…highly impressive

(gruhj) : a feeling of ill will or resentment: to hold a grudge against a former opponent.

I had a moment today when I could have been really angry at someone who I loved. It was a simple thing, something where I felt annoyed and frustrated with a lack of oversight. I had a choice: be super pissed off and make a situation bigger than it needed to be -or- say my frustrations and move on.

….then it hit me. how often have I held a grudge against myself?

For me it has been a constant source of frustration…my inability to let go of the ill feelings I have about my body. I have held a grudge against myself. As I embark into this new year, as many of us do, we have to make sure that we’re not holding a grudge against ourselves.

….how much energy are you holding in a grudge against yourself?

It was interesting, because I released the grudge against the person in my life, because I wanted to show love and respect. What I am working on is exactly the same thing…but to myself.

Let go of the grudge…



3 thoughts on “are you a GRUDGE holder?

  1. I think I’m going to spell it “gruhj” from now on. That’s so awesome. And it really took me aback when you said “grudge against myself.” Um yeah. Busted!

    Thank you for the reminder. oxoxo

  2. Someone much wiser than myself once told me that there is great power in forgiveness. Someone once wronged a member of my family and the power of the grudge I felt was all consuming. When I found it in me to forgive I felt lighter.

    Grudges can seep into every aspect of our life and make living it to the fullest a challenge. Glad I found you blog and great post.

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