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What Happens When You Hit A Wall?

Last night I didn’t sleep much. The cats outside decided to start fighting at 2am and I was awake until about 4am.

…I am tired

I laid in bed this morning and said to Andrew “I feel like I don’t have a purpose”. I’m going through life-growing-pains. The inevitable transition from a town I knew for 5.5 years.

My friends are 2 hours away and there are times when I feel trapped in an empty house which I feel obligated to keep clean and tidy. I washed the cushions on the couch yesterday.

…The point is, is that I feel like I’ve hit a wall.

Maybe it’s caused by the NEED to be something to someone else, or that I feel like I’m living a mudane life of laundry, floor mopping, and cooking, albeit fabulous, dinners. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing…to just be in life a bit.

…But I do think it DOES matter how you bounce back from hitting the wall.

I said to one of my friends today, regarding a mutual friend who is struggling, that instead of offering advice…we must offer encouragement, character building, love and support.

…I think that when we hit the wall we can either chastise ourselves for ‘getting’ there..or we can nurture and love ourselves to another direction.

I’d rather reap love, than criticism.




2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Hit A Wall?

  1. I know that feeling intimately (not having a purpose). I think it’s part of what happens when you let go of stuff.

    It won’t last forever … know that your purpose right now is to live in the moment and practice being open in love so that when purpose hits you over the head (and it will) you will be ready to go after it with all you’ve got.

    Love you (and happy new year) xx

    • I do remember when you went through this..and look at you now! Thanks for that, I think that you’re exactly right. moment-present-love-enjoy! hugs! xo

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