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Exercise for: Weight Loss v. Healthy

The other day I was thinking about cancelling my gym membership.

In yet another ‘failed’ attempt to keep my fitness going in my life I felt trapped, confined, and hopelessly addicted to the high of starting a new fitness regime for it to crumble. It was crumbling because I didn’t have it in my heart.

Actually, I had it in my heart like I always have: as a way to lose weight.

There IS is a REMARKABLE difference between the idea of working out to tone, bring strength, and for the endorphins VS to lose weight. It’s exactly the same as eating for health VS eating to lose weight. (Tina touched on this here)

I called my friend. “I think I am going to cancel my membership to the gym. I hate it. Actually, I think I have a phobia of gyms, because they make me feel trapped into the whole weight loss routine and I just want to rebel.”

“Maybe you should find something you want to do or realise it’s to bring health and forget about the weight loss and just focus on strength building.”

I switched my mind-set. I let myself feel the feelings of entrapment for a couple of days then I just decided to go and do a circuit workout that would bring about strength. I didn’t look at calories, I didn’t do anything except pack the weight on those circuits and smash it out.

How could you not feel good?

Last night I didn’t feel like sitting around anymore, I just told Andrew I was going for a quick late night walk. About 5 minutes into it I felt like running. Instead of timing my run, the distance I had to run or any other rules I told myself “run as far as you want.”

It was amazing. I don’t even know how long it took. Or calories I burnt. Or points I could eat afterwards. I just simply ran because I wanted to.

Exercise for me is exactly like dieting..except that I procrastinate on it. It’s exactly like eating for me, in that when you take away the rules you find your stride, you find your strength and surprisingly enough you enjoy it a whole lot more than you thought you would.

I know that people do wonder “how do you get to a place where you find peace?”. I think it’s a committment to the releasing of the chains, restrictive thinking, the guilt, shoulds, the needs. It’s a desire to listen to what you actually want to do and doing it. If I feel like strength, if I feel like cardio, if I feel like yoga, if I feel like’s where I am going to be.

Let go, and move your body for health!



4 thoughts on “Exercise for: Weight Loss v. Healthy

  1. I definitely find myself focusing on the calories burned, calories taken in, the time or distance of a run, etc.

    Only when I stop focusing on the end results do I actually enjoy the meal or the workout for what it is.

    Keep it up girl!!

  2. When I started working out a month ago, I went in with the mindset that it was to lose excess flab. That does not mean weight. I was doing it for health, not weight. For the reason of pushing myself further and further, I count the calories and/or the distance. When it comes to exercise, my mind likes to make me think I’m too tired, too weary, and ready to quit. Even though I haven’t lost much weight, I have notice the change in my shape (what has turned from fat to muscle), my daily energy levels, and the feeling of accomplishment of a task that I know is good for me even if I have to drag my whining butt onto the fitness machine. I workout because it’s good for me. It’s good to have to be running two miles on a day that I don’t feel like it and train my mind to push out negative thoughts the entire time to focus on positive, self-appreciating thoughts.

  3. I’m so with you on this. I recently stopped weighing myself and instead decided to focus on strength, quality of life, comfort in my own skin. I’m loving it (and life) so much more with that one “little” change.

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