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breathe peace into it

I often times find that my mind wanders into the profound moments of clarity when I’m either washing the dishes by hand or in the shower.

Maybe it’s the water.
Maybe it’s the sounds.
Maybe it’s a mindless activity that silences out everything else around.

the thing that you’re trying to control the most, is ironically the very thing that you’re ACTUALLY wanting peace with

Let the control go. Know that you’ll survive the emotions wrapped around the thing you’re obsessing about.


breathe peace into it. because if I asked you want you REALLY wanted you’d say:

To move on with my life from (whatever happened)
To lose the weight
To not have food control my life
To be more than a calorie
To find love again

You, I, we can have peace. We just have to get let go, not be afraid and bring peace. It’s do-able…I promise.



One thought on “breathe peace into it

  1. Yup.
    When I was pregnant, often the ONLY thing that would help me sleep was visualizing where I was uncomfortable/tense/sore, and then breathing into that space, mentally letting it go, and like you said, breathing peace into it.

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