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how to REALLY LOVE food (spicyandsweetpastasauce)

One of the things which I’ve tried to focus on in my food recovery is something that sounds so simple…to really LOVE food.

“But I just love food SO much, I couldn’t possibly give up ________” or
“I just love food so much, I couldn’t possibly lose this weight.” or
“I am just doomed to love food and the weight will just stay on.”

The interesting thing, is that when I was super into my dieting, I would eat crap. I mean, I would eat low-calorie, fat-free stuff…and I did lose weight. However, I was eating Fat Free plastic cheese, tuna in water (make me puke), Fat Free salad dressings..you name it, I’d eat it if it had aspartame in it.

I was the aspartame queen.

In 2008 I was hosptailised with a major gut issue and from then on, my whole life has changed. Food, especially.

I now have to cut dairy out, gluten in very small doses and diet soda rots my gut.

I didn’t LOVE food, I NEEDED food to cope with life.

It’s not about making a dish that is so low in calories for the biggest bulk, it’s about making food that tastes f-ing amazing, in smaller quantities and realising that you’re emotional hunger is separate from your physical satisfaction.

I also look at food differently now. I used to shun pasta and would sauté things in water instead of oil. I’d binge on ice cream because I never let it be in the house. I would eat spaghetti sauce over lettuce.

So, when I saw the massive tomato bush in our garden overwhelmed with tomatoes..I put my new growing appreciation and fascination with food combinations to the test.

Spicy and Sweet Pasta Sauce
4-6 serves

2 onions, diced
2 TB olive oil
1 large capsicum/red pepper, dices
2 kgs (4.4lbs) of fresh tomatoes diced
1 chili, cut into small pieces with seeds still
1 c. of fresh basil leaves, chipped
.5 tsp salt
.5 TB white sugar
4-5 TB of tomato paste
.5 c. water

in a large saucepan heat olive oil over medium-high flame
add onions and chili, sauté
add capsicum, sauté
add tomatoes, remain at medium-high flame
add basil
keep this mixture at a high simmer for about 1 hour or until juice from the fresh tomatoes begins to reduce down.
add tomato paste, salt, sugar and water (if needed)
continue to simmer until the right consistency of your liking. I like mine thick.

You can add in meat if you so choose, veggie sausages, mushrooms, olives. It’s just an awesome base.

It’s spicy

A little bit sweet

It’s divine.

The journey that many of us are on is really about living a life that is more in tune with where we are, what we eat, how we think, how we travel through it all. For me, it is about a slow rebuilding of an honest, patient, and appreciative relationship with food. It’s no longer about bulk, convenience and lowest calorie point. Instead it’s about flavour, dedication and excitement about creating food that is good to eat, healthy for my body, and energy giving.


what foods have your re-discovered?



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