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19 ways to break a fUnK

Today I was in a funk.
A Funk-A-Sauruas as I call it.

I don’t want to turn to food anymore. It brings me NO joy to turn to food when I’m in a funk. I sat on the couch and thought to myself “you’re bored and lonely…get your bathers on and head to the beach”

19 ways to break a fUnK

  1. Admit it, announce it and make a plan
  2. Find a trashy novel (romance, crime) and read for 30 minutes
  3. Do some sort of exercise for just 10 minutes
  4. Go to sleep
  5. Make a cup of tea or coffee or iced coffee
  6. Write down five things you’re grateful for
  7. Make a vision board
  8. Hit up twitter with your funk for inspiration and/or support
  9. Find a new recipe here, here, here, here or here
  10. Read some awesome, amazing, fun, inspiring books
  11. Call up a volunteering agency around where you live
  12. Go pick some flowers
  13. Shave your legs or your beard or put on a face mask
  14. Pray or meditate
  15. Read some great, fabulous, mind-thinking, good, honest, hilarious blogs
  16. Call a friend
  17. DANCE!!!!! Your bootay off!
  18. Ask yourself WHY you’re in the funk…listen to the answer
  19. Go dip yourself into the ocean, local pool or hot tub

I’m telling you…that after about 3.8 seconds of getting into the water…my funk was gone. I rode the waves, crashed into the sand and loved every single minute of it. (note to self, make sure that your bathers are tied tightly onto your body..erk!)

Funks are reminders, at least to me, that we have a fork-in-the-road when they come along to as to how we deal with them.

Do we go back to our old destructive habits


Get some sand between our toes and de-funk ourselves

how do you deal with funks?



2 thoughts on “19 ways to break a fUnK

  1. I wish I still lived near a beach to have the ocean around to beat a case of the funks. Right now, I tend to do some tidying up to clear my mind (and house), reach for some flowers (to brighten my house and mood), and I try to remind myself that working out almost always makes me feel better.

    Such a beautiful post to read to start the weekend!

  2. I love it. I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, too, but just realizing I could choose not to be helped me a LOT.
    I mean, I dragged my feet a bit, but it helped :-).

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