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7 things I realised in 24 hours after I stopped dieting

I decided to give up dieting a day ago. I also decided to give up a goal weight. It’s been 24 hours.

This is what I’ve already noticed

1. It’s nice not having a day revolve around food

2. I realised that I thought about food as  points/calories instead of it relating to true hunger, emotional curing or even taste.

3. If you’re boyfriend takes you out for a spontaneous picnic, you don’t have to worry about points/calories…instead you just enjoy it.

4. I realised that I have A LOT of my day spent thinking about my body and wanting to lose weight.

5. You have more free time to enjoy life.

6. That truthfully you CAN trust yourself to eat when you’re physically hungry.

7. Being a peaceful, non-judgemental, curious observer of your thoughts is where the change happens.

It was only 24 hours. As I wrote yesterday, it can be the beginning of the panic…but I don’t think it will be. It’s too damn blissful where I am right now. It took time, it takes an effort. Being an observer of your thoughts can suck..who wants to admit fault?

but it’s worth it!

what changes have you made in your life recently?



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