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why dreaming isn’t awful

I have never really dreamed about my life.

is that weird?

The whole notion of a vision/dream board is something that I had never really gotten into. I couldn’t see myself dreaming about anything other than weight or career. It’s the truth. I didn’t have dreams. Even with my new career as a nurse, I’m not exactly sure what I’m dreaming of…but at least it’s not dreaming of being skinny. Even the word skinny is probably not fair, perhaps it’s just dreaming of being a different weight than I am now.

Then I met Andrew.

And he has catapulted my life into a world of dreaming and ideas and thoughts and future plans that I had never ever dreamt of. I have planned ahead, predicted a bit of where out relationship might lead…I’ve let myself dream happy, beautiful pictures of us together.

Yesterday I dreamed a little about maybe just, perhaps, maybe one day WAY down the line of hopping into a dress and getting hitched. I texted an idea to a close friend and her response surprised me.

That’s awful

I was totally taken back. AWFUL? AWFUL to dream?

you’re putting way too much pressure on yourself and the relationship you need to live in the moment.

Again, I disagreed with her.

I DO think that you can get caught up in the future and make your relationship, your life, your weight goals either the only focus or the unattainable focus of anything. I do think you can get lost in your dreams, if that’s all your living in.

I also think that you can live so crappily in the present and have nothing to look forward to, to dream about, to aim for.

I’ve done that for a long time. That’s how I’ve lived almost 28 years of my life. Dreaming about a future goal that meant nothing to me, whilst trying to stay present in a life I didn’t know how to stay present in.

It was an interesting conversation that ironically sparked something in me that hasn’t been sparked in a long time..dreaming. I have NO idea where I want to go and/or what I want to do. How to dream and aim for MYSELF outside of weight, food issues. But I’m excited.

I believe that everyone has the right to dream. Not to live in dreams for their whole existence, but to wholeheardtly let themselves dream is where change, beauty, grace and LIFE happen.

I’m off to make a pinterest dream board. It’s not gonna be awful, I promise.

what are some of your dreams? has anyone told you that your dreams to silly? do you have a dream board?



6 thoughts on “why dreaming isn’t awful

  1. I think you’re A-OK Miche 🙂 BE excited! DREAM BIG!

    And yes, I was told as a kid and as an adult that my dreams were silly but I decided the people who told me that were silly…

    There’s a great quote I posted on FB recently: Being ‘realistic’ is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. ~ Will Smith


  2. Dream, dream, dream away, Michelle. Your dreams can’t come true if you aren’t dreaming them.

    Yes, I was told my whole life that I wasn’t OK and that what I dreamed for wasn’t worthy or good enough or OK.

    I’ve told them to f*ck off and now, life is so much sweeter.

    Dream every day, my friend.

    • I was actually thinking of you today and realising that you have to find that strength inside of yourself to put forth your dreams even in the midst of naysayers. Thanks Christie!

  3. I’ve never been much of a dreamer or a goal-setter. Are the two things different? Because I get caught up in daydreaming sometimes, but goals…nah. I can’t get on that train, which always strikes people as odd because I am a high achiever. I personally find it unfortunate that we have equated goal-setting with high achievements. Sure, the two can go hand in hand, but the former is not a necessary precursor to the latter. After I started to read blogs, I started to feel bad that I didn’t set goals until I realised we all take different approaches.

    Re: you dream, I can certainly relate. I never dreamed about what my life would be like in the sense of having a husband or kids (and for the kids part, I still don’t!), but when I met James my brain surprised me. I think it’s a good thing that you are thinking about the future, as it tells you something very important about the present. As long as you aren’t distracted from today, I certainly don’t see harm i thinking about tomorrow.

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