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Why I’m Re-Starting

I have talked about it for a long time.

I’ve spent hours thinking about it.

Preparing for it.

Then backing out. I have honestly thought that I wouldn’t be able to fully dream a dream. That I wouldn’t be able to finish what I’ve started.

So I haven’t started.

I  have wanted to run a race or do a tri since Dec 2010. But I’ve let the voice of doubt, the one that lives in the world of the binger, to hold me back and suppress my dreams. I get all excited, tell everyone I know, then quit. Just like I quit the gym after saying I wanted to become a fitness instructor. Just like I quit the last tri. Just like I quit the race before that.

I feel apathetic and stifled. Frustrated and annoyed.

But it’s really me. I think it’s the drama of it all. ‘It’s gonna be TOO hard to do because of ______________’

I’m here today to say that I’m going to do something. If it be 21 days of yoga, if it be every morning walk, if it be meditation, if it be a race.

I’m going to do something.


Because I’m at a point in my life where I want it to be more than my struggle, I want it to be more than my life around food AM READY FOR CHANGE!

I’m doing this for me.



4 thoughts on “Why I’m Re-Starting

  1. I’m a starter…
    Never been a finisher…
    I have to adjust this soon…

    2012 has (thus far) been the year of doing what I say I’m going to do AND finishing it. It has to be continued that way so it becomes my new way.

    I want my daughters to know and see that their mother is a finisher.

    I’m behind you 100%!!

  2. i can hear a lot of myself in your post – and in the previous comments – it is hard to turn things around isn’t it? pick something – anything really – and commit to doing. got your back. you go girl.

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