For Me…How It Should Always Be!

I think it’s funny how life goes in drips and drabs…it cycles back around.

I haven’t really found my blog mojo…I really haven’t been feeling the blog lately. In fact, I have touched my google reader and have separated myself a bit from everything online.

Source: via Moonandlion on Pinterest


…Then I had a friend ask on Facebook if I was still writing about my journey with weight loss, life.
…I responded “no really anymore. I think there are enough people who blog about fitness, eating, cooking, and unrequited emotional woes. So, I’m just living life in suburbia. Maybe when I have kids I’ll write a blog about a frazzled American trying to teach her kids to eat more peanut butter and less vegemite. LOL!”

I got to thinking, maybe I should blog…for no one other than myself. A place to put down my thoughts, feelings, reactions, idiosyncracies, ways. Blogging should be for you anyways. LIFE should be for you.

…Then I decided two weeks ago that I wanted to go back to WeightWatchers.
…I actually wanted to keep that a secret, because lets be honest I’m a body-loving, quasi-intuitive eating, ‘diet hating’ blogger who has flipped in and out of embracing and hating WeightWatchers. This time it’s for me. This time I’m not obsessing and it’s working.

Then Miz brought up the Exposed Movement.

Sometimes I forget how freaking powerful that movement was. It was powerful. I dare say life-changing for some of the participants who were involved.

…Then I decided that perhaps I do have something to say.
…So I told Miz, go for you life and talk about it. I also told Mara that I’d get involve in TeenWeek.

Maybe I’ll start eating oats again and taking photos of it with almond butter and blueberries. Nah.

Instead I’ll cuddle with my cat, take up some old ways…because this time they’re for me!

What things have resurrected themselves in your life…but in a different way when you embraced them for yourself?



3 thoughts on “For Me…How It Should Always Be!

  1. I adore the photo of you and kitty…and I adore you for creating the exposed movement. You will always have a place in my heart when it comes to this whole damned journey 🙂

    Not sure what has been resurrected…maybe just my sense of self that I had before it got corrupted.

    • Thank you!!! You’re always someone who I lean to in my mind when I need a little pick-me-up or thump over the head. You’re doing and have done, amazing things!

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