Stripping It Back

There comes a point in all of our lives when we have to ask what we’re really truthfully about.

How do we identify ourselves with the rest of the world?
How do we present ourselves to the world?
How do we want to interact with the world?

I find it fascinating that food is such a huge definer of who I am…what I want to be…and where I’ve hidden for so long. It’s interesting. If I take away food..then what exactly am I? Who exactly do I want to be?

I think that there has to come a point when we look at who we are, the things which have been out crutches/guides/places of hiding and wonder if they are really what we want to present to ourselves and those around us.

I also think, and am a firm believer that you can reinvent yourself within the realms of where we are.

I’ve for SO long been hidden, wrapped up and identified with food..that when you take it away..I don’t know what’s left. It’s weird. A bit empty. A bit scary. Fascinating.



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