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I woke up yesterday in such a foul mood. It hit me that I only had one week left in America…and I didn’t know if it was enough time.

It’s not necessarily that I’m wanting to move back to America…but when you see things like this everyday when you play with your nieces, it is hard to reject.

The thing that going on vacation/holidays enables a person to breathe. It gives space to the normal walls of our days, it gives light into the routine which we can find ourselves trapped it. It forces us to eat breakfast in the morning sun, capture moments of emergence, and sleep-in.

The thing which I don’t want to leave is the space that I feel. The honest feeling of openness, of contentment, of growth. The moments when you realise that you’re more…you’re a whole hell of a lot more then you realise.

I’ve been reading this book…it was mentioned to me by a friend. It’s fabulous. There’s a section of the book where the author writes (chapter 5):

What  is the truth? We were made for more than this. More than this failure, more than this cycle, more than being ruled by taste buds. We were made for victory. Sometimes we just have to find our way to the truth”


We are SO made for more than the walled in routine, the state that we can find ourselves in, the relationships that hold us back, the way we view our job, success, etc. We are SO made for the place in our life where we are spiritually connected.

Coming home to Oregon hasn’t necessarily sold me on living in the states again…what it’s given me is a whole new insight into living to the potential of what I’ve been made for.

To enjoy the simple things (Andrew’s first s’more)

Enjoying the beauty of what I have around me…the little moments which are etched into your heart forever.

Realising that food is an awesome part of my life, but the struggle is NOT what I was made for.

That being grateful, showing gratitude and honoring my what I’m made for.



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