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Night Walks

Last night I sat in the sultry air of an impeding thunderstorm. The kind where everything is sticky and the only thing that solves it is a glass full of wine with ice cubes.

I couldn’t sit around anymore…nursing my allergic reaction/bacterial infection due to a simple bee sting.


That’s what happens when you go to a Christmas party with your friends.


IMG_24322nd Annual ‘Chrisgiving’

You get stung by a bee…because well kids it’s summer here in Australia. Contrary to popular belief and biological dispositions one can actually celebrate Christmas in the heat of summer. Gross.

However, you should still heat the WHOLE house up during summer to bake stuff, because that makes your Aussie boyfriend really happy.

MamaPeas amazing them all

In saying that, if you want to appreciate Christmas lights then you must do it after 8:30pm..that’s right…after 8:30pm.


Because it’s still light outside at 5:30pm where it would be dark as night back in Oregon.


There’s something weirdly intoxicating about going for a night walk, in a tanktop, at 8:30pm, and admiring the three houses on a 30 minute walk who have gotten into the spirit.


It’s the little things people, the little things that keep you anchored to the things which seem so far away.



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