food recovery / life / moving da bod


Yesterday was one of those days when you realise that you may have a bit more anchors holding you down then you thought.

I have always looked at the extra pounds which I’ve carried around, lost, re-gained, and carried around again as a complete and total burden. A glaring failure of what I could have accomplished, what I used to be and what I’ve let myself become.

They’ve been placed there by my own doing, dieting for the past 10+yrs, by past relationships and by others anchors around me.

  • What if I looked at the areas of my life that are holding me back as anchors that I can set free instead of looking at those anchors as insurmountable tasks?
  • What if I stopped feeding them food, mental energy, excuses…and instead did other things to set them free?

I am re-framing my mind with the weight that I would like to loose, the pants that I’d like to get back into. Instead of being pissed off, upset, feeding the anchors..I’m doing things to free them.

I cancelled my diet subscription. (I shall put the money into a new sports bra!)

I went for a damn run. (man did that feel AWESOME!)


I started writing daily messages to myself for inspiration…or as Andrew said ‘someone put graffiti on your mirror’.


How and where you choose to be in life is totally up to you!



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