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I got into blogging in 2008.

I left it about 1.5 years later. (I have started little blogs here and there, and have decided to stay here) It was more than what I wanted it to be. It became something other then a platform to be part of people’s lives, encourage, laugh, cry and be inspired by/with them.

I have never been as popular as I once was. I don’t daily type about what food I eat. I used to flog myself getting the perfect picture of a cookie I baked, to compete personally with someone who ran 10 miles a day, who was training for their marathon, or now writing about engagement/wedding/birth stories. I have looked up Crossfit places where I live..there are none. I have tried to fit into those boxes. (all of those boxes are fine. for me, it’s not who I am at the core)

But I think it begs a MUCH larger question or sentiment: why blog?

I don’t know to be honest. Do people really want to read about my life with two crazy cats.


I sport-addict, amazing man?


The fact that I am working through the 9 years of dieting and letting go of my crap.

IMG_2629how fabulous ‘The Body Shop‘…love it

Is that a story worth writing new chapters in this forum? There aren’t going to be crazy updates about anything other my journey. My life. I suppose in some ways I’m a typical late-20-something living in Australia working a normal job and plating carrots in my garden.


Maybe there’s something more to all of us then painting a prescribe written photo of our lives. Maybe it’s being raw about our short-comings, the ick, the insights, the ability to move past, beyond, different, higher than we expected, we desired, we imagined.

Maybe we all have a story. Something beyond what is popular, photoshopped, instagramed, edited. (I love instagram, sidenote)

I keep coming back to this verse:

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trails of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. ~James 1:2-4

I actually think that we all have a damn story to tell. Some of us more profound, some worded more eloquently, or photographed more. But, we have a story.

I don’t exactly know what my story is, but I was so reminded of how I felt when I was in the midst of the comfortable bliss of blogging in a former life by Shannon and Susan, who reminded me that we are all a community of people who are wading, skipping, quick-sanding, floating through life.

“Remember “the good old days” when we were there for each other daily. Cheering each other on, laughing and sometimes crying. They were good and so positive in my life.” ~Shannon

So this year, 2013, is about me.


In the most humbly selfish manner I can manifest it. I truthfully feel so incredibly insync with who I am, what my heart is trying to say, and giving wings to the things which have been weights for so long.


I haven’t really wanted to come back to blogging, because I didn’t feel like I fit in anymore, that I really didn’t have anything to give.

But I disagree. We all do.

~Mish xo


13 thoughts on “Sparked

  1. I have loved your writing from the very first day I read a post. For me personally I could care less what it is about I just love hearing about you, your journey. I think your amazing and I love your cats. This literally gave me chills and I am so looking forward to reconnecting with the good things in my life. So happy you are one of them! XO

    • Same. Life is a funny process. Has been interesting to see so many people feeling that same way about everything. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one. Thanks for putting it together 🙂

  2. I have loved reading your blogs since we “met” on Twitter (in 2009?) — I am glad you have decided to stick with writing, with sharing. Your “normal life posts” are exactly the type of words that keep me motivated to be my personal best, to live without fear and with honesty. Thank you! xo

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