Learning Moment..NOT a Mistake

A year ago (well 11 months ago) I became a nurse. I had excelled during my degree and I knew that I was ready.


or so I thought.

It was hard. REALLY exhausting. I had many many many sleepless moments. Stacks of them. Late night phone calls to see if I had signed a medication chart, going through how I had interacted with patients, how I had completed a task. I made a lot of mistakes.


Then came the day when I was teaching new nursing students. WTF??!?!? How could I be teaching others? There I was. I was in that place where I was actually dispensing knowledge, telling them of my mistakes, of my trials and tribulations. Trying not to scare them from the profession.

Then it hit me…it’s not really a mistake at the core of it…it’s a learning moment.

There’s A LOT of learning moments in our lives. Stacks of them. I think that a lot of times we can get sucked into the vortex (especially if you’re a perfectionist like myself) where the overwhelming reality of life is that it’s encapsulated with mistakes. major, minor, significant and forgotten. Regardless we make mistakes.

I try and look at my mistakes now as learning moments.

What was up with eating two candy bars?
What was up with the tantrum?
What was up with flogging yourself at the gym when you didn’t really want to?
Why did you say yes when you were exhausted?
Why did I get hung up on that guy/girl when I know that they’re not going to give me what I need/want/deserve/desire?

I think if we just sit back, relax, RECOGNISE where we went wrong and look at them not as a mistake…but as a LEARNING MOMENT..then we will succeed beyond our dreams. We will grow so much more when compared to being glued to the negative aspect of spinning a life experience as a mistake.

It’s a learning moment. So go learn.

Mish xo


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