What Florence + The Machine Has To Say About My Heart

Remember when I said that I was addicted to Mumfords? (this was after the time I confessed I could bathe in Adele..that’s if she some how manifested herself into a bubble bath liquid…oh nevermind..but I’m serious)

Then I found Florence + The Machine..and I’m smitten. Dumbfounded as to how I didn’t get addicted LONG ago. Oh.my.heavens I love this music. I’m totally enthralled with ‘Lover to Lover’

First of all I just like the beat of the music…but then I looked up the lyrics

And I’ve been taking chances,
I’ve been setting myself up for the fall,
I’ve been keeping secrets,
From my heart and from and from my soul.

This week I had a long-lost (or so I thought) day of eating from the area of my heart that still needs work. I hid. I snuck. I waited til Andrew went asleep so I could eat more. I used food to numb myself for the momentary bliss of high from the exhaustion I was feeling. From the transition that I have in my professional career. From the exhausting heat.

The secrets of my heart, they whispered and I ignored them. I fed something other then my heart’s desires.

The heart is a very fragile thing. I do think that it keeps talking, in a silent beautiful way. We have to slow down to listen, we have to stop yammering on, listening to yammer. We have to stop and pay full attention. We have to WANT to pay attention.

I remember having the utmost privilege of leading groups of students up to Aboriginal land in some of the most pristine areas you’ll ever see.


We had the amazing opportunity to listen to the stories handed down for thousands of years from Aboriginal elders…but it took commitment to listen. They are quite. They speak softly. They aren’t in your face.


Their stories were heavy with knowledge. Metaphors. Beautiful detail. Life lessons. Life questions. But you had to be present. You had to listen attentively. They aren’t missing out on life for not being loud and drowning out the chatter of your life, you were for not listening.


As I continue on my journey with my own soul, being, heart…I was so reminded of what it means to listen. It’s not easy people. It means being really present. To sleep when you’re tired. To admit that you’re lonely. To tell yourself that you’re going to be ok.

I do believe that you’re heart is always speaking, but we have to listen. Or we’ll miss out.

Mish xo


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