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Lenten Stuffing

I’m not Catholic, but I do like the idea of Lent.

Andrew’s Mom/Mum worked at a Catholic Primary School for most of her teaching career. I was talking with him about the idea of Lent and he said to me: Well, you have to give something up that you like.

LIKE…I LOVE lots of things.

coffee, diet coke, chocolate, medium-rare steak, mushroom sauce, the smell of men, my faith life, Facebook, not working, my cats, my grandparents, dressing up my Dad’s cat in a skunk costume, anything Apple, flannel sheets….

So I decided to take one in the proverbial gut…and walk away from Facebook for FORTY days!!!! That’s huge for me. But I think it begs a MUCH larger and important question for all of us to think about: what do we stuff our lives with?


Obviously for me, and if you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you’d know that the direct impact of this passage is the simple notion of sweets for me. Sugar is a slippery slope…and I have a pre-disposition to abuse food.

It made me think in a grander, more broad scale. What types of foods do we put into our bodies? Do we skimp out on cooking a meal because we can’t be asked..and pop in a microwavable meal? Do we suck it up and throw a simple yummy dinner together?

IMG_2900Mock padthai w/ veggies and seared salmon. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE salmon, man oh man!

How do we engage with our physical self? Are we walking, moving, skipping around playing. I’m not someone who is inclined to get my arse up every single morning to workout and sweat. But, it’s something that I have to do, mostly because it enables me to keep a clear head.


This morning I got up just as the sun was rising over the horizon. The beautiful cool air is such a fabulous beginning for the day. I think that we owe it to ourselves to do something physical every day. Even if that’s doing the YogaADay pose, or stretching or lifting weights or messing around with your special someone. Move. Nourish. Move. I have to constantly remind myself of this, oftentimes it means that I have to get to bed earlier, unplug sooner, be more efficient with my time. The benefits of this for me are astronomical.

One thing that I’m not fabulous at, is being spontaneous. I’m a control-freak. I like being spontaneous when I’m in control of that decision. Poor Andrew. But when life gives you an extra half-an-hour to hang out with someone special, do it. Even if it means going to a place you loathe to get a coffee before work.


Sometimes, it’s simply being around people. Making yourself present. Shutting off your mobile phone. Listening. Being open and honest. The times which have been special and remind me how lucky to be in the relationship I am in, are the times when morning spontaneous coffees are had over lingers reviews of the daily newspaper and new Women’s Weekly Magazine. Simple really. Ohh, and a good amount of foam on my latte.

The things we stuff our life with, are the direct output of how we feel about where we are in all areas in our lives. For so long my stuffing has been obsession with food, fixing how f-ed up I feel that I am, making people happy, and being on social media a lot. I stuffed to escape.

Sometimes we have to take this sage advice.


We have to be willing to change. We are creatures of habits. Even if the way we stuff our lives isn’t what we’d like and/or envisioned…we stay stuffed the same way. It becomes a quite, honest, steadfast commitment to change how we engage and stuff our life with things.

We have the ability to change, and thank goodness for that.

Oh, and if you’re wondering…I prefer the stuffing from the turkey at Thanksgiving.

Mish xo


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