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Why Everyone Should Have A Cabana Boy Day

If I told you one thing that is important….I’d say make sure that you have boundaries around what keeps you healthy and able.

It took me a LONG time to sort this out.

I’m tired. I’ve had a migraine for over 24 hours and I’m craving a Cabana boy fanning me on a beach where I’m unattached to modern convinces (except toilets and clean water). I’m craving space.

For a lot of us, we spend the majority of our lives giving so much that we forget to recharge. To say NO MORE, to say I need to lay low. I’m one of those girls. The mentality that you have to flog yourself got my hospitalised whilst travelling in Japan four years ago, and the development of food allergies. I exhausted my immune system, because I had no boundaries.

Sometimes, it also means doing things for yourself…ie exercise, eating mostly energy giving foods, and sleeping. A morning walk is energy giving for me.




Remember to stop when you need to, enjoy what you want, and make boundaries around what isn't energy giving to you…if you can. That's when the genuine smile of happiness and permission for Cabana Boys begin.

Mish xo


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