Virtual Thai Dinner Date


If we were going out to thai food this weekend…..

I’d tell you that this week has been a hard one at work. Being a nurse is fabulous, but it’s hard work. Just emotionally giving the whole time, and recoginising the shear beauty that can come about when you’re in a space of someone’s life that is both precious and fragile. Lots of prayers for peace and guidance with my words. Being gentle, kinda, compassionate, honest, and open.

I’d also tell you that I am happy to say that I’ve committed to working on my issues with food. I’ve decided! And I’m cool with where that takes me.

More though, I’d have to say that I’m totally in love with where the boy and I are in our relationship. That doesn’t mean that I’m not grumpy or crack the shits when I come home and laundry of his has been sitting in the basket for over a week. But, more though I’m finding myself being more reflective about what he may want out of our relationship, being honest with what I need, and silencing selfish snappy thoughts from my head.


I’d also say that I love my cats. Even when they meow at four in the morning to say that they’re in the house.


Isn’t it funny how the idea of ‘being in the cool kids club’ is something that I struggle with. I have come across a lot of new bloggers recently, which is a great thing. But what I struggle with is that I don’t feel like I look like them. They’re cute, artsy, thin, pretty, trendy and beautiful. I know that’s silly, and it’s crazy to throw jealousy into the spin of things, but I’m just being honest with you..ok? Honesty, what I’ve learned recently, is being able to give words to the not some exciting thoughts that we have. It gives them wings out of our mind so that they can be examined and not stewed upon internally.

I’d also tell you that I bought 4 packages of chicken this week and marinaded them…because I’m the crazy person who rummages through the sale sections of the supermarket.

IMG_3053 IMG_3051

One last thing, I got a complete joy out of sending home care packages for Easter to my family. I miss them, but I know that I’m happiest in Australia.


That’s what I’d talk about over a thai food dinner date…

Mish xo


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