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A quote to sum it all up

I’m not even sure where it all begins and ends. I’m normally not ok with that, but I am now.

After the engagement, I threw myself in planning: engagement party, invites, Pinterest boards, etsy favourites, learning the hard way that American invite sizes and Australian envelopes don’t match up.

I machined out engagement party invites.

I finally stopped the machine today. I took a breath. Head above water. I hide in machine tasks. ‘Get ‘er done!’ I forget, often, to breath in lives moments of beauty. Expel immense graditude.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes against the sun as the tears I’d expected earlier at the bridge began to seep from my eyes. Thank you, I thought over and over again. Thank you. Not just for the long walk, but for everything I could feel finally gathered up inside of me -Cheryl Strayed “Wild”

The last bit. That bit. That’s how I’m feeling.

Mish xo



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