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From The Core Out

I was in the bath last night, you see I take my iPad with me in there to read…thank goodness I haven’t actually dropped it in yet, and I was reading through a post on FB that Miz put up about Heidi Klume paying her kids to drink healthy smoothies.

I wouldn’t pay my kids to drink a smoothie..that’s nuts. But it got me thinking about, after someone posted, that although there have been studies to show immediate compliance when given extrinsic rewards..over time it doesn’t work.

I’d have to say I’m a testament to that. Especially with weight loss and getting good grades and getting degrees…etc. The novelty of meeting a benchmark outside of myself has wore off. I have found great strife in that, especially with weight, because I ‘used’ to be so good at being compliant and upheld by 5% goal markers on my downward trend of loss.

Now, I am not. Been there, done that.

The desire to understand my own journey with food is paramount. I have written so many times about it, and I have always struggled to ‘sort out’ why I just can’t seem to get beyond a certain weight…but more importantly a mindset. People who loose weight and keep it off are either: vain or spiritually shifted.

I wept as  realized this would be one of the most significant spiritual journeys of my life. A spiritual journey that would yield great physical benefits. ~Made to Crave Devotional

That’s the proof in the pudding for me.

It seems crazy simple. To be present. To work through the mental head games, and to focus on the fact that it really boils down to a heart thing, a spiritual journey…and the physical will mirror the growth in that area. It’s a journey and I’ve come from this place oftentimes…but I’ve come to it without the true commitment of faith and surrender. It really is that. I can’t love and let go if I don’t do just that. God doesn’t ask for much more then complete surrender and love.

Sometimes it takes longer to connect that dots in life. We’re always blown away by the people who quit their jobs and start a non-profit…because they felt they needed to. Or the people who keep hundreds of pounds off. Or who salvage their marriage. I think the glue to all of a spiritual shift and willingness to have their lives transformed from the core out.

Mish xo


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