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Diet Coke is Paleo..Right?

People…can I just tell you..that’s it’s cold in Australia. I’m not even kidding you…I woke up this morning and it was 39F/4C..and THAT’S COLD!!!

In fact, yesterday I decided that I’d go running around 4:30pm..the sun was out..but it was a liar. It was freezing cold. I was rugged up with two layers and gloves and long running pants…but it was freezing.


I’m following along with these two plans. One is at At-Home Crossfit for beginners. I’ve always wanted to do Crossfit, but there isn’t a place in Bunbury that has one..and I’m trying to save for a wedding. So doing stuff at home is fabulous for me. The other one that I’m doing is the C25K. I have completed a 1/2 marathon before…but haven’t really consistently ran since then. I feel like I’ve finally found something that I don’t flogged doing, it feels manageable..and holy heavens my muscles are sore.

On top of freezing in Australia, I have been trying to seize the moment of sunshine in the front of the house to do some much needed weeding. I’m not sure about you, but I’m the crazy lady that wears her man’s sweater and spandex to weed..with greasy day-old hair.



It does the trick. The cats follow me around the garden, as if they were dogs, to keep my company. Then I take some orange twine and run it around the back yard, to which Indie chases it like a dog. It’s so funny.


I’d really like a dog. Andrew doesn’t want one. (how cute is this little guy? he has a jaw deformity. was abandoned after his owner died and was brought to the vet by a guy who said “man, I don’t know what I took, but I’m trippin’ cause this dogs jaw be messed up.” oh, sunshine…it’s not the drugs…he has a deformed jaw. bless)


I oftentimes find myself looking through these photos of dogs and begging for a chance to “just to foster it for a week of two” I plead. “Michelle, remember when we were just going to foster for a week or two..we now have had Dillers for a year”. ok, ok.

IMG_3221(don’t leave your drawer open, it becomes a cat bed)

I have been going through my Daily Devotional from Made to Crave and I’m SOOOOO loving it. I actually prefer it over the book. It’s little daily boosts to get your through, and she’s candid, honest and helpful. I love it. No happy clappy stuff…just real honest reflections about food/exercise/faith.

That’s my little nutty world y’all. I’ve also been rockin the Paleo lifestyle about 85% of the time, minus the white rice with Thai we had last night…I had A LOT less then I’d normally have. I’m enjoying it.

IMG_3397(became a slowcooker pot roast with paleo veggies)

IMG_3404(organic bacon w/ veggies)

IMG_3400 (honestly, you don’t need a dressing if you throw a tinge of fruit in a salad)

I’m not a Paleo nut, but it’s been fabulous. When I first lost weight, I did Atkins. Too much cheese for me now…but I feel so much better on a higher protein/fat diet. I just do.

But I still love Diet Coke. Diet Coke is Paleo, Right?

Mish xo




2 thoughts on “Diet Coke is Paleo..Right?

  1. Hi Mich 🙂 Great post! Just letting you know that CrossFit Bunbury is actually opening up next week! Unit 4, 2 Campbell Way Davenport – search “Crossfit Bunbury” on facebook 🙂

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