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How do you like ‘dem apples?…spread

I remember when I first watched Good Will Hunting

I also remember how much my wallet cries when I buy almond butter at the shops. It’s about 10.00 a jar here in Australia. People, I spent 72.00 filling up my Ford Focus today. It’s expensive here (one of the only major downfalls of Australia). So I decided that I’d try and make my own almond butter.

I have never made my own. But I do remember, and called upon, Ange’s recipes for nut butters.  I would always drool over them, but never actually did anything about it. I just suck it up and fork out the 10.00/jar here. Call me lazy.

However, I got inspired. I bought a big jar of Coconut Butter a couple weeks ago. Everyone be on the Coconut Butter bandwagon. I’ve used it before to roast veggies…but I honestly don’t care for the flavour at all. However, I love coconut butter in sweet baking. It just adds a depth of flavour that I like.

Coconut Almond-Pinenut Butter
~1/2 c. of spread


.5 c. pinenuts
1 c. almonds
.5 c. flaked coconut
1 TB coconut nutter

In a food processor, process the pinenuts and almonds on high for about 5 minutes. You’ll need to stop a couple of times to scarp down the sides.


Add in the coconut and coconut butter and blend for a least 5 minutes. You’ll again need to  scrape down the sides.


Process until you get a desirable consistencey


I kept mine in a container in the fridge. It does harden up in the fridge, I can imagine that you can keep it in your pantry in room air to make it more liqiud form-like. I love my in little spoonfuls on a banana. It’s such a yummy flavour combo. Also, as a post-work snack with an apple. Be careful, it’s easy to eat by the spoonful 😉


Mish xo


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