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Tequila Steak…why not?

Today I needed a funk buster. I have these awesome cupcakes in the fridge and 10:45am my funk-monster was wanting to have more than it’s fair share.

I whipped on my new attire (hello, I have seven year old sports bras) and hit the pavement.


Sometimes you just need a bit of sun, fresh air, and space. Funk.busted.


One of the other things which busts my funk..is simple, yummy, easy marinades…especially ones with tequila in it 🙂


Chili Tequila Steak
~3-4 serves


In a large tupperware container or dish combine everything except meat and veggies. Juice the limes and stir together. (Sumac is an typically Indian spice which has a nice sweet flavour)

Slice, thinly, the onion and peppers. The steak I used as rump steak. Place steak into the combine marinade ingredients. Then top with veggies.


I added the juiced limes to the top and let stand for at least 1 hour.


You could marinade overnight (I reckon that would be nice)


BBQ the veggies on a flat grill and BBQ the steak to your desire. You could also pan fry if needed. Top with a bit of homemade guac..cheese/sour cream if you desire.


It’s SOOO tasty. It’s fabulous for lunch the next day as well. Promise.

Mish xo


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