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1730 baths with chickens

I really want a dog. Like, I’m serious about this. I ask Andrew if I can get a dog. I go through the petrescue website at least once a day. I feel like this girl..but she got her dog. I’m still waiting.

So, to appease my desire to get a dog..we got a chicken.


Bernadette. Then she laid eggs. I started screaming with excitement. No..I’m serious..started screaming and jumping up and down.


The golden egg. Willy Wonka anyone? Then she laid another one…and I fell in love.


I’m not sure about you, but it made me really appreciate the food I eat. It made me think about eating the egg that your chicken gives you something. The egg was so much sweeter..yummier. Thanks Bernie!


This has nothing to do with chickens, but I would love an owl. I also love my owl cup.


I have signed up for a 5km fun run and yesterday completed the first sessions of week 4 for C25k. I felt accomplished and I think that the trick to anything in life is being able to find things that are manageable and support a consistent approach to positive.


I have been having good eats this past 24 hours.

IMG_3675avocado egg salad


carrot and sweet potato fries

IMG_3688vegan paleo salad


slow cooker morrocan beef stew and kale and spices


This is SUCH a good snack!

I have also endured my crazy cats sliding across the tiles on the carpet…as well as holding my computer hostage.



And just need to take a hot bath after work.


Mish xo





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