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Finally, I Did 20 Minutes!

This weekend has been a whirlwind, namely because I’ve under the influence of a completely awful head cold. I went to the pharmacist and told the lady “please take my driver’s license number down, because I need the proper sudafed”.


Then I found these you remember the Ludens cherry cough drops growing up? Man, I remember faking a sore throat so I could get some. lol.

IMG_3760There were LOTS of baths this week. Hot baths, I just couldn’t get warm. I found this amazing bath oil, and I’m obsessed with it. I’m also obsessed with their herbal spice mix. It’s amazing!


I’ve been nursing my headcold back to a better state with some good food. I’m finding that eating paleo is helping me a lot. I still make concession for sips of diet coke and tasting chocolate butter cream.

IMG_3736Slow cooker pumpkin soup w/ extra bacon and leek. Veggies w/ bacon and leek

both are made with zucchini noodles w/ a sauce of avocado and coconut milk. Above photo has veggies with leftover chicken. Below is a ‘carbonara’ of sorts with bacon in it. OMG heaven!IMG_3769

Don’t tell anyone, but this icing is heaven. Also, I REALLY need to stop watching Cupcake Wars. It’s not helping me give up wanting to whip stuff up in the kitchen.


I made the boy some homemade bread, “can you smell the bread?”. Yes! I was looking through the recipe book that came with my bread maker and in the back, there were recipes for JAM! Yes, you can make jam in your bread maker. So I decided to put to use our limes and kumquats (along with oranges) and made marmalade.


We had a busy weekend working on the chicken coop, and adding two more chickens. We now have 3 chooks. I just love going out to pick up their eggs. They’re beautiful little creatures.


Perhaps we also got an otter…or lion…or is that a cat? (no, we didn’t get a new cat…promise. but I still am working on Andrew succumbing to my daily asking for a dog)


I finally got a bit of a run in this arvo. Man alive, I just had no energy for the majority of this week. But, I knew I needed to do something because I was getting grumpy. I did a straight 20 minute stint on the ‘Couch-2-5km’ program. I was SOOOO proud of myself! I haven’t been able to do this for such a long time. I had to bit of an emotional moment on the run, because I can feel my soul shifting. Somethings changing, I think that I’m finding my own, my own desires, dreams, and motivation in life. I’m grovin’ it.

IMG_3773 IMG_3776

And to top off the weekend, I’m enjoying some spontaneous tulips from the boy.


Hope you had a good weekend as well.

Mish xo


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